Other music

with Jason Barfoot, Jonathan Brain, Sam Scherr and The Broadsides.

Benedict's cover of "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman" is available on Bandcamp.

Sam Scherr on guitar and vocal, Jason Barfoot on drums.

Recorded by Alan Smith in 2006.

Download live recording of "Eugene" with Jonathan Brain on keyboard.

Recorded at the Old Perth Boys' School in 2006 by Andrew Biggins.

The track "Eugene" appears on Benedict's third album "The Lines of Parallel Trees".

The Broadsides

The Gerald Street sessions: Perth 2004

The Broadsides convened in Perth in 2004 to record some American folksongs.

Josh Meggitt on piano and vocal, Dan Erickson and Benedict Moleta on guitars and vocals.

The Beanbake sessions: London 2005

In October 2005 Benedict and Josh reconvened in London to record new songs with two guitars, a hurdy-gurdy and stereo static.

The Kingswood sessions: Perth 2009

In 2009 Josh and Benedict met again in Perth to record more songs. After the sessions Josh made edits and dubs of some of the tracks.

All Broadsides tracks are available here as free downloads.

Perth 2004

Josh Meggitt: piano and singing
Dan Erickson: guitar and singing
Benedict Moleta: guitar and singing

  1. Yellow bird (Bergman/Bergman/Luboff)
  2. Swananoa tunnel (traditional)
  3. Hellbound train (traditional)
  4. Single girl (traditional)
  5. Red river valley (traditional)

London 2005

Josh Meggitt: guitar, turntable and singing
Benedict Moleta: guitar, hurdy gurdy and singing

  1. So long, it's been good to know you (Woodie Guthrie)
  2. Theme from Love Story (Francis Albert Lai)
  3. Little old wine drinker me (Garrett/Jennings/Mills)
  4. Liberation (Tennant/Lowe)

Perth 2009

Josh Meggitt: keyboard, guitar and singing
Benedict Moleta: guitar and singing

  1. White shoes (Jack Tempchin)
  2. Sixteen reasons (Bill and Doree Post)
  3. Working for the man (Roy Orbison)
  4. Alive and well (Michael Garvin/Bucky Jones)
  5. White shoes (spatial dub)
  6. Strontium 90 (deep dub)