The Lines of Parallel Trees

Benedict's third album, The Lines of Parallel Trees, was released in September 2007.
Benedict is joined by Jason Barfoot on drums, Rob Schifferli on electric guitar and bass, and Jonathan Brain on piano.
At the CD launch James Quinton joined the band on bass.

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Benedict Moleta: acoustic guitar and singing
Jason Barfoot: drums
Jonathan Brain: piano
Rob Schifferli: electric guitar and bass

Recorded by Alan Smith and Kieren Kenderessy, mastered by Scott Simms.

"They don't come more unique than Benedict Moleta. Not only does he pen tunes that are outside of the ordinary, but he also has some old-school charm as illustrated by the fact that, when promoting his gigs, he is still prone to sending people notes by snail mail. The window on Moleta's world is wide open as his narratives appear remarkably candid throughout his latest offering, 'The Lines of Parallel Trees'.

Although joined by a swag of his mates for much of the disc, Moleta puts in a captivating performance with just his voice and guitar on the tender 'Eugene'. Jason Barfoot and Rob Schifferli add their expertise to 'Inlet Manifold' to give it some extra grunt that succeeds in pushing the vocalist out of his comfort zone with fine result. The epic, 'The Express', and the glorious slow build of 'Piggyback' will draw comparisons to Red House Painters, without being an ugly pastiche.

With a bundle of releases to his credit he is already a prolific enough character,
but with 'The Lines of Parallel Trees' Moleta confirms without a doubt he is a rare and undervalued talent."
- X Press Magazine

"...The balance of lyrical songwriting with instrumental warmth is crowned by consistently melodic moments that recall's 2005's 'Small White Weatherboard Houses', particularly on uptempo standouts 'The Rushing Sound' and 'Inlet Manifold'. If you're looking for a reference think Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard at his most narrative - 'I will follow you into the dark' for example - with an epic, 'post-folk' style that builds acoustic beginnings to grand heights.

Lyrically, many of the songs here feature references to youthful longing and relationships with male friends and figures that are, at times, touching, as on 'Piggyback' ("I still want to feel your beating heart/Against my back") or sad ("Now as ever without men in your life/Who will hold you ?").Of course great albums finish with great songs; 10-minute long 'The Express' contains the album's key sentiment at its crescendo: "This is the sound/Of travelling as fast/As you can to see/The people that you love". It's a breathtaking moment"
- The Drum Media

Photographs by Darren Clayton