White Paper: Old House

White Paper began as a three-piece and then developed into a four-piece, as Benedict was joined by Andrew Higginson on bass, Rachell Pirnie on drums and Simon Sieradzki on electric guitar.

The band played shows from 2002 to 2004, recording a seven-track album before the members dispersed.

The recordings were then set aside while Benedict recorded his first solo album, and in subsequent years the songs were integrated into Benedict's solo shows, and reworked with new collaborators.

The White Paper album was launched in 2006 at the North Perth Town Hall.

Unlike Benedict's subsequent recordings, which combine solo and collaborative tracks, this album is four-piece band all the way through.

Simon Sieradzki's electric guitar playing is one of the joys of the album - ranging from Crazy Horse distortion on the the track 'Childlike', to the bright and bell-like sixties tones of 'Russian Dolls'.

The long tracks 'Parkview' and 'In Autumn Flowers' recall the slowly unfolding narratives of Red House Painters.
'Russian Dolls' and 'Daniel' have a sunnier aspect, reminiscent of the the Go Betweens.

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Benedict Moleta: acoustic guitar and singing
Andrew Higginson: bass
Rachell Pirnie: drums
Simon Sieradzki: electric guitar

Recorded and engineered by Simon Struthers
Mastered by Scott Simms

Photograph by Paul Clifford