Benedict released a solo ep in 2002, and then released eight albums between 2005 and 2013.
The albums bring together a large range of solo and collaborative material.
The Gift of Friendship (three-track single, 2015)

     Two new songs, plus a version of 'Danny Boy'. Benedict is joined by Julian Bolleter on piano.
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The Magical World (2013)

     "Beautiful harmonies, delicate piano and guitar work, and an unrehearsed feel."
     - thedailyalbum.com
Singleton (2012)

     "Over 12 songs, Moleta showcases his wild imagination, vast vocal range and incredible mastering
      of songwriting." - X Press
White Marble Heyday (2011)

     "Moleta's wonderful turn of phrase is as observant and incisive as ever." - The West Australian
Timesheet (2010)

     "Moleta paints scene after detailed scene, piling on heady descriptions in a voice that's
      hushed, airy and pristinely delivered." - Mess and Noise
Continuous Talking (2008)

     "... proves this WA artist isn't afraid of branching out into new and exciting areas of arrangement,
      adding more colour and texture to his wonderfully detailed drawings." - Drum Media
The Lines of Parallel Trees (2007)

     "With a bundle of releases to his credit he is already a prolific enough character, but with
     The Lines of Parallel Trees Moleta confirms without a doubt he is a rare and undervalued talent."
     - X Press

White Paper: Old House (2006)

      Four-piece band album. Slowly unfolding narratives with moments of Crazy Horse distortion.
The Warm Sun Coming In (2005)

      First album - all solo, Benedict and guitar.
Scales (2002)

      Debut five-track ep.

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